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Hart Elementary School History

Hart Hawks


Our school is named for Mr. Leo B. Hart, a pioneer in the field of education in Kern County and a former Shafter resident. Mr. Hart was the founder of Arvin Federal Emergency School and is considered one of the greatest humanitarians of his time. He is best known for the emergency schoolrooms he built for migrants during the 1930s. He was also the Kern County Superintendent of Education in the 1940’s. 


Leo B. Hart Elementary School opened its doors on October 31, 1988. Leo B. Hart Elementary School is located at 9501 Ridge Oak Drive in Southwest Bakersfield. Since its opening in 1988, Hart School has enjoyed strong parent and community support.


Leo B. Hart Elementary School supports and strives to maintain the concept of excellence as defined by the Panama-Buena Vista Union School District. Our mission is to maintain a safe campus environment which is physically and mentally healthy. Within this environment, there exists a classroom setting that is stimulating and enriches the students’ learning. Students are challenged academically. In addition, they learn to be accountable for and in charge of their own actions, thus building good citizens for our society.


We will engage and support all students in the journey of becoming lifelong learners. 


Reach out my children and grab a star.

The road may be rough, and the goal may be far. 

But a Hawk never falters when set on his prey, 

With great strength and courage, he fights all the way. 


Every Hawk is a warrior, faithful and true. 

Who knows where he's going and what he must do.

They know they can reach the highest of goals. 

For they are smart and tenacious and determined souls. 


The Hawk is fair always at work or play, 

And treats everybody with kindness always. 

They are honest and trusting and clean in their talk. 

They are the greatest of students - I am proud I'm a Hawk. 

- Leo B. Hart